18 Ponte Verga Wey

I arrived at Taxqueñi tho had left from San Lazaro. It didnt matter the entire city was my home, i felt as tho i knew every nook and cranny. I made my way to mountainous region of Los Reys and saw an old friend Pedro.

Pedro spoke english well and i cant recall how many cups of coffee he had bought me or how many times he let me wash his bus for a few pesos. I said i just got back from Acapulco, that place is crazy! I thought the city was uptight nah its relaxed here compared to there, with all the marines,chollos, mafia. Pedro asked “yeah what did you bring me” I handed him a large white sea shell.

I went back to my old ways washing busses thruout the city . This time i included taxis. It was at metro Pantitlan in the street that goes beneath the overpass freeway and whinds around it in a circle to the merging freeway. This paticular place is called the catocal. I was making a pass speaking with drivers and noticed and also taken notice by by a very tall large man standing against the wall. The man said “hey come over here” I ignored the request and continued on my way.

I was eating better than i had in my entire life. Water with fruit or fruit with milk. Water the cucumber, water the tuna (a special fruit that only grows in the desert) Milk with banana or milk with the fruit mamey. Steak tacos with cactus, beans, potatoes. Chicken and rice tacos with chili and my favorite tacos the birria con consume and salsa rojo. I kept passing thru the catacol and one day i found myself face to face with the large man, he told me a Little about himself. He said his name was Eurie and had lived in Oregon for some time that learned english there. He said he was a gangster and had been deported he also said he had spent some time in jail in mexico as well but now simply sold candies. Eurie said “you should work for me, one day i made over 1,000 pesos selling candies right here.” I said thanks but i dont need nor do i like a boss i also work for myself. I kept passing thru and a few months had gone by, i felt as tho i could completely disable any person who intended to inflict harm upon my body. So once again face to face with the large man i said, What you talkin bout? Euire said follow me ill show you, im on my way to buy more candies now. I bought 30 pesos worth of Reces peanut butter cups. I received 120 cups and sold hem for 1peso each. When i made my first 30 back i bought more and so on so forth. by the end of the day i had made a little bit of money.Each time i walked to the approaching auto bus the writing on the above overpass read in english “ready to die” That night i crashed on the large concrete barrier that divided the freeways, below was housed the sewer systems. As far as im aware i was never raped.

The next day i turned up the heat spending 45pesos on a box of airheads, then another and another. By the end of the day i had pocketed well over 300 pesos plus my food and water. on top of that it was easy work. However the following day i was not so lucky. Euries friends or dogs, Chollo and big dumb fuck wanted to throw blows. So we did and it was fun but Chollo lifted me right off the ground and slammed me down on a twisted leg completely destroying my knee. My 3 months of high protein diet and exercise were no match for the 100 plus pounds chollo had on me, taking into consideration he had lived with his mothers steak and bean diet his entire life.

I retreated to the mountains once again to recover my knee exhausting my funds. I went back to my golden triangle by passing Pantitlan. Then one day near the airport i noticed a candy store and decided to take a look around. I noticed candy made with goat milk 1killo for 60 pesos about 120 pieces or about 140 pesos profit. I just need my own place to sell them. I had always taken notice of the freeway system of Los Reys Shortly after the busses leave the terminal, i knew what to do . I walked up to the main freeway sitting up on the top of a concrete barrier. I had an eagle eye view of the busses headed to the freeway behind me. When the bus began to approach i slide down the wall and boarded the bus by the time the bus was on the opposite side of the highway where i had originally been posted im collecting the sales and crossing the highway for the next round. The people loved the candy i made 400 pesos the first day. I had decided my next move while in the mountain recovering my knee, i wanted to be a fisherman like Jesus . I just needed to get to the ocean.

I had priced the ticket a month before and knew i needed at least 550 pesos. The second day selling my goat candies the police bothered me 3 times trying to steal money. I sold my last handful of candies and didnt waste any time, I changed my clothes and made my way to the auto bus terminal norte. I purchased a ticket and i left in 30 minutes on my way to the ocean city of Vera Cruz.

17 Acapulco

The bus hit the terminal in Acapulco about 2am,  I asked a man outside wich way is the playa. He said “that way” pointing down the street. “But for what?” he questioned. For sleep of course i replied. The man said “I woudnt recommend that, it is very dangerous” I laughed and said yeah okay buddy. I found a spot and layed my jacket over the sand. I must not have been sleeping more than an hour when i had the sudden urge to wake. To my surprise a man crouching over top of me gasps “totol bein?” I said si. “Okay just checking” the character responded. “Tomorrow” motioning as if he were cutting his head off with a knife.

I couldnt go back to sleep, within a few steps down the path the sun rose and the city was blooming. I wanted to get in the water but i needed shorts. I saw some men drinking and asked one if by chance they had a pair of shorts for sell. One said yeah i got a pair right here, handing them to me he said give me 20 pesos for them. The shorts had shit on them! I said no way ill give you 5pesos. taking the shorts back the man says beat it.

Down the path i see a man waiving a red flag in the street to attract people to the restaurant below. I asked the geezer his name Titty if he had a pair of shorts to sell he said yeah follow me below. Titty had a decent pair i was willing to buy him a cold drink for. He said fine and i dove off the ledge in front. I climbed back up onto the ledge where once stood an old diving school and rested in the sun.

Titty had went over next door for his cold drink, only he didnt have to buy it he worked there doing odd tasks.He had a friend who asked me if i wanted to go to work with him selling oysters and clams on the other beach. I tagged along, the man pocketed over 2,000 pesos and payed me 150. The next day after i carried his heavy load of merchandise half the day in the hot sun he told me to beat it without pay.

I was tired and hungry i went back to the restaurant to see about work.The owner said she needed help and offered me 6days a week, pay depended on the amount of business. I made several hundred pesos per day and was invited to the home of Tommy. Tommy was in a partnership with the woman who owned the restaurant, he supplied some of the seafood. Only the invite to his home was not from Tom it was from his son Ricardo. Ricardo claimed he spoke english and that he had learned from the Canadian tourists while working in hotels.

Ricardo said stay at my house a little while then later i can hep you with an apartment, “My family owns one that is not in use”. True to his word in less than a weeks time his mother gave him the key to make a copy. Only he made two copies and pocketed the other. By this time i had several thousand pesos saved so i questioned how much was the rent. Rico told me not to worry right now, just relax and maybe in 3months pay 1,500pesos the month. I went shopping, i returned many items that had previously been stolen. However one night in a late swim i lost something irreplaceable, wrapped inside my shirt my wallet. The contents my Alaska, California and Arkansas ID’s along with my social security card.

At work i was doing anything from waiting on customers, preping food, cleaning floors even sorting the alive snails from the dead. But i wanted to know more about were the snails and ect slept at night.

The oysters, clams, snails ect slept tied to a rope on the sea floor. So it happend was a good dive it was. A dive of two ropes one yellow one black. The black cord was toms and the yellow the restaurant. you have to dive deep into the water to reach the cord so you need to know where the cord is in order to have enough air to follow the cord down to the sea floor and once there you still need enough air to untie the bag and of course reach the surface. Rico told me to look for the black cord and once i found it i fetched the first bag. only it was the wrong bag of sea creatures. Rico went on to explain to everyone i did this because i was a stupid, crazy idiot . I explained it was rather because Rico was a liar and brought forth the correct bag.

I decided to take the rest of the day off, with the owners permission of course. When i returned the next day the owner explained how she was giving me only 3 days the week no longer the 6 days. I decided i really did not like a young liar having a key to my head at rest and these shit talking assholes were a waste of my precious time so, i bought a ticket to were i knew waited my golden triangle.


Chapter 16 Otra Vez

I made it to Dallas before Michael Buckner called. I was at the bus station when my phone rang and i answered. “where are you” mike said. I said Dallas. “Dallas!? “i thought you were selling plasma” No im on my way to Mexico. “Ohh..okay” ..Alright. “see you.” I bought another ticket but could only afford to buy one as far as Laredo. When the bus stopped at the boarder in LaredoTexas I went to find the bridge to cross over. Some one told me it costs $.50 to cross and believe it or not i didnt have it but that was fine. I still had my iphone and charger. I looked for a place to sell it, a man in a store to my recollection to be filled with crap offered my $20 U.S. dollars seemed a little cheap but i really did not care so i obliged then proceded to cross the boarder on foot. I didnt really have a plan, i just wanted to be back where i felt at home once before. I payed the $.50 and passed thru the turn style. I said to myself, i made it. I made it back to Mexico i even smiled.

I was overjoyed. I began to ask randon businesses for work however everyone i asked said they were solid. I found myself in a little sitting area like a park but not really. I had a seat and began to smoke a cigarette when a man began to speak to me. The man was clearly intoxicated and appeared to have been for quite some time. he was still in his work clothes he had been fired from a security job about a week ago and since been on a drinking binge. From what he told me he had fallen asleep and some one had taken a photo then showed it to his superior. The man went on to tell me how he had family in Mexico City and wanted to go there. I expressed how i also shared the same feelings and that i also had family in Mexico . He told me he could arrange for our transportation because he had friends near by that drove from the boarder to Mexico hauling goods within tractor trailers.

It took 3days to actually set it up but true to the mans word he did actually know people. This driver agreed to let us tag along to Mexico City we just had to buy his lunch in return. When we arrived in Mexico City i was ready to go my own way but the man explained the home of his family was near by and promised me work selling carnitas. I said well that does sound fine then proceded to continue on with the man. His family picked us up shortly after he called them and we made our way to the home of an old man who had been married to my companions sister, may she rest in peace she unfortunately had recently passed away. In the home also lived the old mans son, his wife and their child. I remember eating two tortas and going to sleep. We were all up and out selling carnitas by dawn in the streets of Chalco. There was a pretty girl selling clothes next door and my friend mentioned to me i should ask to go home with her. so i did but, she declined. I made my decision to assist in the set up of the the store in the morning and then i left the streets of chalco in the direction of Los Reys. I asked a man along the way if i were going the right direction, he said yes but it was far and that i should catch a combi. When i told him i didnt have money because i had been working for nothing more than food and shelter he flagged one to a hault and handed the driver a twenty peso bill. Within about a half hour i know exactly where i am and within a short walk i arrive to the home of Erasmos mother. Erasmo is working the front window of his mothers store, he says “Oh! Hey! ..why did you come back?” “Well i guess you need a house then” “My uncle is in your old house but let me see if he will move across the roof to the other room and if so you can have your old house back” The paint still looked good the Amsterdam green, blue and silver i had painted it before. I took a very pleasant nap. I immediately began to make money washing busses with the drivers routed from Los Reys to the lower mountain town of El Pino. Working all day i made enough money to eat. It was on the third day back i purchased a large container of drinking water for 30 pesos, enough water to last me one month of heavy drinking. It was at this moment before i could carry it up to my home Erasmo says “Hey man! i been looking for you” ” Got some good news buddy, just got off the phone with my cousin and he has work for you in Queretaro washing potatoes, the pay is 1,400 pesos a week plus food and housing” I said yeah! that sound fine but where is Queretaro and how do i get there? Erasmo says not to worry the job is about 3 hours away and his cousin is going to wire the money for the transportation. The money was sent by the following evening and i left for the terminal.

Erasmos cousin met me at the bus station and showed me to the house, he showed me where to sleep, explained it was late and that within a few hours we would begin work. So we did at 1am lights on and down stairs to the basement where awaited a stock pile of potatoes. I carried two crates at once to prove i was no wussy. Loaded down with a shoulder of potatoes up the stairs a bath of chlorine. Once the bath is full of potatoes they must be wash hard with a mop then passed thru the machine where they are once again washed then bagged and set out front for sell. This is the business. Aside from the cousin of Erasmo also lived another worker a young boy about 16, A man who worked in the market near by, his wife and small child. All of the men liked to party with heavy drink and drugs. they managed to function this way working very hard with minimum sleep and  very little to eat. The situation was uncomfortable, it was when i had fallen asleep the small child splashed me with water that i said goodbye. It was my second week pay and the boss had shorted me a few hundred pesos but it didnt matter i took my 500 pesos and bought a ticket back to the heart of Mexico.

Erasmo said “what happend? i rented your house out and i dont have any other place for you” Well, i  then headed to the mountains above and into the dense forest…the veiw was extraordinary. I slept my first night there and didnt want to come back down but the following morning i was hungry and thirsty so i decided to make my way down to spend my last 20pesos on food and water. In this place where society ended and began i found a entire new fleet of busses the name of this place 20 de Mayo or The 20th of may. I beleive the people here had never seen a white person up close and by the end of the day not only had i eaten but i earend 120 pesos washing busses then retired back up into the mountain for rest. The next day a young prick managed to grab me by the hair and pulled it with much force. I screamed your dead! i was going to murder him but i decided that was not a good idea, instead i made my way into the city with the idea in mind to search for busses to wash. I searched the city from angle to angle and in between in search of as many busses as possible. More than half simply said no thank you. less than half said no but would you like some food or water? And the other half was once again divided into two halves one half who said no my car is clean but here, take a coin with you. Then the final half who said yes, clean my car for one coin. At the night in the mountain on my way to the top a young man came up to me and he said “Hi! im bird, i live with my mother my house is over there.  Your invited  over for eat and sleep. you can take a shower if you like.”Untill then i had only been able to wash my ass in the same bucket i washed the busses from . I left my personal items at the home of birds mother and made my way into the city for work. When i came back at sunset bird had stolen everything even my razor. I asked bird where are my things? bird said “i know nothing”.

I made my way into the centrum. I went from place to place without ever really going anywhere. At metro Pantitlan i managed to replace my personal items. A man explained to me i could sleep on his bus at night, i did for a few days but had an eerie feeling about the man. The man said to me one morning he was not working today and that some one i didnt know would be driving his bus, i had stepped off for the rest room and his bus drove away with my things . I asked the man if i could get my things off his bus . The man said sure just look for my car with the driver you dont know. I felt forced to abandon my things. I went around the city thru the city in search for a solution to my life. Since it seemed no matter how hard i tryed i said to myself perhaps another person maybe my solution. But i didnt ponder on this nore look for them. I made my own way and decided to expand my search to places i had yet seen. I made my way to Idios Verdes, I was amazed with all the busses. I said to myself i can make a lot of money here, well i didnt. Actually i made 3 pesos and i had spent 5 to get there. I said fuck this place then continued on.

I contined and continued even more before i found myself in a circle weeks later once again at Indios Verdes. However this time i did do well. I dont know what happend but it was the way i felt it should have been the first time, actually it was better i made 80 pesos in less than 15 minutes and stayed all day . I ended with over 200 pesos and the first full belly i had as a man in my life. I ate caldo de pollo con chilli rojo e salsa verde with fresh tortillas hand made by a beatiful woman who smiled at me. I drank 3 litros of water then went for a nap in the park. A stranger with a big ugly dog woke me up and told me to “get the hell out of here!” I decided to make Idios Verdes a every day thing. It was the next day a driver by the name of Edgar told me i had lost my wings and invited me to the home where lived his mother, brother, sister and her husband. Edgar said i was now part of his family. Edgar also had two children a a boy and  a girl who lived with his ex wife . Aside from driving a bus Edgar also was a mechanic, the next day he asked me for a favor. He had a friend with a car that would not start, he asked me to maneuver the car while he pulled it by chain to his home. On the way Edgar said “Some thing caught my eye” It was a guitar i had never seen the likes of before . He asked me “how much money do you have?” I replied 125 pesos. The man selling the guitar said ill take 500 pesos. Edgar said give me your money and payed the difference. Very quickly he setup a date for me to play live at a club, there was even a guy who jumped in to play drums. Tho i did not shake his hand afterwards as i felt he had fucked up my song. I had a girlfriend for the night her name was Elizabeth. I had not played guitar in exactly one year. Edgar found me a house to live but it was actually a house for drug addicts, like a jail only it wasnt. I declined to live there. Edgar said “well, i gave you your wings, now fly.” I went back to Indios Verdes,  this is the last the thing i wanted, to be homeless with a guitar, again. I was in the park when a man came up to me and said ” Hey man! whats up?” He told me his name was Chollo. He was an American citizen born in California but got into a little trouble with the law and ran off to Mexico. His family was mexican so his spanish wasnt to bad for a second generation loser. I didnt trust him mainly because he was overly happy and because his teeth were nasty but  he said to me ” my house is right over there if you want to come by to crash.” “i usually have good weed and im actually about to go smoke now if you want to join” I said sure why not.

We all drank and smoked untill everybody passed out. I was hungry so i decided to leave to grab a couple tacos to bring back with me. When i got back in less than 20 minutes i realized they had only be pretending to sleep. My guitar and amp were gone.

When this happend something inside cracked in two. I studied the map of Mexico city and noticed from the end of metro line 8 Ciudad Azteca to the end of line A La Paz there formed a triangle where the merging point of the Red line met at San Lazaro.

I called this “My Golden Triangle” it took an entire day of steady movment to complete . putting over 200 pesos in my pocket plus food and water. I said i would not spend any of the money i made cleaning busses. only eating and drinking what fell from the heaven. This is how in 3 days i had a ticket an additional 6 hours south to the ocean city of Acapulco.