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i met the man
who owns the world
i shook his hand
he gave me a free rainbow roll

i said i see
your eye
in the sky

and no body knows
but me and eleven others
and its time to go
because my job is done

and nobody will never
nobody will ever understand
no nobody fuck no
thats what i said

welcome to arkansas
go straight home….and

i left everything in a little box

on a rock in the middle of the sea

along with everything ill never be
no may god bless you
its all the begining
i felt my soul disappear

walking the street
i had to pinch my skin
to make sure i was
still alive

i felt as tho i could jump in front of a bus
because i didnt know
if i were alive or i was already gone
i shook hands with the devil

she had an empty look in her eyes
so sold out she didnt even know
she looked away
in the distance i could see her call his name

iv got a cigarette
just one
ill split it with you
where did nina go?

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